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Ultralight 8000LM LED Headlamp

"As long as we can see, we shouldn't have a problem."

I remember those infamous words from my brother last Fall as we were out in a canoe and a little bit (a lot) lost as the sun was just starting to think about setting.

As things got a bit darker, a bit of panic started to set in as we were about to lose every bit of visibility we had on that slightly overcast evening. Then it hit me, I had my small pack with me... and in my pack was my headlamp/torch (whatever you want to call it). 

This thing lit up the bank as we made our way along, and to our great relief, we found our spot before too long.

This thing felt like a lifesaver that night. Whether you buy from us or not, do NOT get a cheap headlamp that only lights up 10 ft in front of you!


  • Materials: aluminum, glass, plastic, and cotton (headband)
  • Working Modes: Medium-Low-High-Strobe/ Medium-Low-High-Strobe+sensor mode
  • LED Color: White
  • Water Resistant: Do not Submerge.
  • Switch Type: Button (On, Off and mode selecting)
  • Includes: hard case, rechargeable batteries, USB cable and car charging cable.



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