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Military Grade Survival Shovel

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The one perfect tool for camping and survival...

This tool is incredible. We use it for absolutely everything (in fact, we have so much fun with it that we actually look for new reasons to use it)!

At 26", it's very compact and easy to carry on the trail. The Manganese Steel construction is tough enough for pretty much any camping or wilderness task you throw at it.

Here’s are some of the more than two-dozen uses the survival shovel comes with that’ll help you survive in the wilderness, or just help with general outdoors usage while camping, hiking, or backpacking:

  • Shoveling, Digging, Bracing, Cutting (logs, rope), Prying, Hammering, Window breaking, Chipping, Fire starting, Loud emergency whistling, Chopping, Camera tripod, Wire clamping, Self-defense weapon, Axing, Hoeing (gardening), Hooking, Hunting, Peeling, Chiseling, Sawing, Shearing, Entrenching, Bottle/can opening, And more…

Sometimes, pictures tell an even better story...

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